North Fork Crazy Woman Creek

North Fork Crazy Woman Creek is a small, technical creek located above roughly 30 miles above Buffalo on Hwy 16. It is home to several species of trout, including brook, rainbow and brown trout. The water does not boast any record breaking fish, however the challenge of getting one onto your fly makes up for the lack of size. The creek is semi-fast moving, no wider than 15', and fully surrounded with thick and tall willow trees. The secret to catching fish there is to wade up stream, use small nymphs early morning, and transition into smaller dry flies as the day progresses. When wading allow a 5 minute rest period before you start throwing flies, the fish are skittish, and if you immediately start fishing after walking there's a chance that you wont have much luck.

Early June is a tough time to fish this part of the mountain. The runoff from the winter, combined with cold mornings leads to inconsistent feeding. Early morning I would be using stonefly nymphs, prince nymphs, and anything that's small with some color and flash. In the event that you start seeing some dry fly action, switch over to mayflies, small purple parachutes, small adams flies, and maybe try some dry stoneflies. Like I said, fishing is tough right now, however as the summer progresses, the fishing will pick up.

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