Sand Creek, Beulah Wyoming

Updated: May 30

Sand creek is located near Beulah Wyoming, just west of the South Dakota border. It is home to a blue ribbon fishery, boasting over 4000 trout per mile. The average size fish range anywhere from 8-16", with the occasional larger fish. Although its not home to many large fish, the challenge of the tight, narrow casting spaces, combined with the skittish fish and the ultra clear-slow moving water, make for a fun experience for all anglers looking for a challenge.

This time of year is my favorite time to fish Sand creek, the fish are hungry, however they are also picky. Early morning I would recommend using bead head nymphs, prince nymphs, wired stonefly nymphs, and copper johns. As the morning progresses and the fish start rising, I would recommend switching to small parachute flies and standard Adams flies.

Fishing was tough on the 29th, most areas of the creek had swimmers, dogs, and other fisherman. As I said in the above paragraph, the fish are, and have always been skittish. I would only be using flies that have sharp, natural looking segmentation for the body. Make sure that you have straight fluorocarbon tippet, any twists or kinks in the tippet or leader will surely scare fish away.

If you plan on wading in the creek, let the area rest for a few minutes before you begin fishing. Try to get a fly right next to the cut banks and try to ride it out. Stay hidden as much as possible, the fish will see you coming and leave if you're not paying close attention.

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